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Public Service Message: I’m Changing Post Categories!

A quick announcement for my one and only RSS feed subscriber: I’m doing a little blog housekeeping, renaming categories and such. If you subscribed to a specific category from the old set, you might have to update your feed settings and choose a new one from these:

  • Stories – can be anecdotes or narratives; usually embellished to make me sound heroic and nice.
  • Lists – perfect for a lazy read. Just read the headings and off you go!
  • Featured posts – random things I marked as “Featured” to make you curious.
  • Letters – from me to someone, maybe you?
  • Tutorials – I try to teach you things and you curse my tendency to ramble like Jane Austen.
  • Opinion – I brainwash you with my unsound logic and unpopular opinions.

I’ve added tags (e.g. calee, crs, halalan, programming, design, zombies, etc.) to indicate the actual topic.

What happened to the old category, “supposedly fun”?

When you have to point out that you’re trying to be funny using blog categories, it’s usually a sign that you need more friends.

Therefore that category was… discontinued. Hopefully this new system will mask my loneliness and make me sound like a normal person.


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  1. RSS Dude on March 22, 2012

    Wow. Thanks for a the special mention. I’m subscribed to the whole blog btw.

    • mary on March 22, 2012

      Thanks, Mom! 😀

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