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Superheroes With a Shelf-life of Days

Just when you think you’ve seen all there is to superheroes, you stumble upon The Superest: a collection of superhero illustrations where 6-year-old Girls are beaten by Brocco-Lee, Overprotective Parents are no match for Doug: The Slacker Next Door (steals teenage girls’ hearts!), and Silent Knights are vanquished by Acid Rain Deer.

The Superest is a document of the bloody battle between two illustrators (Kevin Cornell and Matthew Sutter) with an unhealthy love for puns, violence, and inappropriate jokes. Every other day, one of them draws a hero with powers that can beat the previous artist’s work. Then the other person draws yet another hero to beat the reigning champ. And on and on until the list of possible powers gets exhausted.

Except it doesn’t. Because they’re not above using gonorrhea as a superpower. (I dare you cialis spammers to descend on my blog *shakes fist*)

If you’re sick of invincible superheroes who just won’t die and can’t color-coordinate their underwear, head on over to The Superest and start with their first champion. Be sure to visit with an open mind and a lot of time to kill because the carnage is quite addicting. (And come back here every once in a while!)


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