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Google Search Goes The Way of The J3j3

Dear Google,

I was using the Tagalog version of your search engine and caught you using Nkrn and Ssnd instead of Nakaraan and Susunod for the tablet version of your website. (Evidence below.)

screenshot of google search in tagalogMy initial reaction was to scold you. After all, you shortened Previous by using its first 4 letters (Prev) in your English version. So why did you use j3j3 way of shortening words in Filipino? Do you think this is how Filipinos talk?

But then I realized that applying the same technique to the Filipino words will give you Naka and Susu – words that might invite more ridicule than the ones you are using right now. And though I confess I would find Naka and Susu funnier, I don’t think a lot of Filipinos will want to click Susu to get to the next page.

So all is forgiven, and thank you for making me laugh today.



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