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Thanks For The Tip, Tito!

Dear Tito Sotto,

You caught us. The real reason we can’t let this issue rest is because we are all pro-RH with no valid points to support our stand. The anti-RH had such solid arguments (and we had none) that we had to wait for someone from the anti-RH side to make a mistake so we can start our smear-campaign and ignore your other concerns.

Unfortunately, it was your plagiarism that we chose to focus on.

I know. It’s wrong for the online community to condemn you for it. You yourself have consulted with lawyers and experts to confirm that we cannot sue you for plagiarism. Therefore, you need not apologize. The same way GMA need not be ashamed of those expensive dinners in the US because we have no Anti-Expensive Dinner Act.

In retrospect, I should be thanking you instead. Your argument against the lack of laws concerning plagiarism is very useful. I must remember to use that if I decide to go back to school.

In return for that wonderful tip, I would like to warn you: your claim that you are the first government official to be “cyber-bullied” in the Philippines is wrong. This statement is an affront to the media who have worked so hard to be biased during Corona’s impeachment. This statement blatantly ignores the effort of Facebook and Twitter users who made jokes regarding GMA’s neck-brace and wheelchair costume and spent nights photoshop-ing Mayor Lim and the DPWH officials.

Please relinquish your claim to being the first victim of cyber-bullying. I would hate for the internet to figure out you weren’t the first after all. You know how scary netizens can be.

A concerned citizen,
Mary Macapagal

(PS I signed with my full name so you can read up all about me at this site called See? Not everyone who hates plagiarism uses pseudonyms. Not everyone who hates plagiarism is pro-RH either. But you already knew that, right?)

(Edit: based on Wally’s comment that Tito Sotto was claiming dibs on first senator to experience cyber-bullying, here’s proof that Miriam has been putting up with it for a longer time. I also remember jokes about Tessie Oreta but that must have been back in the dial-up days. Thanks for the correction, Wally.)

(Related reading: A Plagiarist’s Rant Against Birth Control from the Opinion section of The New York Times)


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  1. Waldemar Bautista on August 30, 2012

    First senator kasi ang sinabi niya.

    • Mary on August 30, 2012

      Hehe… I’ve edited the post to include references to other Senators that were also victims of online ridicule or media bias. 🙂 Thanks for explaining the issue Wally.

      • Waldemar Bautista on August 31, 2012

        Nabanggit pa tuloy ako. Hehe.

  2. Shanelle on August 31, 2012

    This is one of them times that you just want to give up on your country. If he gets re-elected again despite this stunt ah…. Buti pa nga si Lito Lapid, he acknowledges his shortcomings. 😐

    Also your blog needs to be more famous. You are seriously brilliant! (And no, this is not purely from my desire to be friends with someone famous)

    • Mary on August 31, 2012

      True. Kung tinanggap lang niya yung mali tapos dinirect yung mga tao sa references/research niya, dun sana napunta yung usapan. ~le sigh

      Also, I love you too.

  3. Jacob S. Obinguar on August 31, 2012

    🙂 I superlike the blog! Very witty! Ok na sana kung nag apologize nalang sya eh totoo naman…

    • Mary on August 31, 2012

      Nako, andito ka rin Kuya Jacob. Hehe 🙂 bawal nang mag-rant tungkol sa OUR if ever. 😛

  4. Nikki on August 31, 2012

    So, since I mostly read your blog through my RSS feed, I’ve only recently been able to appreciate the way you’ve designed your site. But damn, girl. All these subtle quirks. Nicely played. I love it. You ARE always write. My favorite is being able to make it look more manly. <3 Props!

    • Mary on September 1, 2012

      Yeeey~ you noticed! I was a bit sad that no one played with the layout so… yeeeey~ you noticed! 😀

      • Joanne Ramirez on September 13, 2012

        Haha. I did play with it. 🙂

        *la lungs, singit lang. haha

        • Mary on September 13, 2012

          Yehey~ ♥

  5. Sarah Dapon on September 13, 2012

    No to RH bill. Thanks Tito Sotto sa Tip and Mary’s blog

  6. May Diaz on September 13, 2012

    Tao lang naman din kasi si Sen. Sotto. nasasaktan din sya sa pang bubully. pero alam ko na matatag pa rin nyang haharapin ang lahat. no to RH.

  7. Deborah Reumann on September 24, 2012

    Probably the only issue related to the Phillipines that most of us in the West ever read about is this one; that is, the Roman Catholic’s stance against birth control and the sequelea stemming from it. How can the resultant poverty and despair be considered less evil than the prevention of conception? It boggles the mind.

    I live in a state that, like the Phillipines, used to be part of New Spain (New Mexico) and, sadly, it is also known for, quite blatant, political corruption and undue influence from the Roman Catholic church (though it pales in comparison to what you are dealing with there).

    All I can say is keep rolling that stone up the hill with your “in your face” commentary…Aja, Aja FIGHTING!

    • Deborah Reumann on September 24, 2012

      Oops! Sorry to misspell the Philippines…I’ve actually been to Manila so I should have known better!

      • Mary on October 1, 2012

        You even found this blog. 🙂 I don’t really actively campaign for the RH Bill. I was just an observer (for the pro-RH side) until the plagiarism issue. Then Sotto’s comments and refusal to apologize just irked me so I wanted to post this. I couldn’t care less what he does about the RH discussion. What I want is for him to see that what he did was wrong, and to apologize. It should be simple enough but he’d rather make excuses instead.

        RIP commentary though. While we were distracted with plagiarism, the Philippine equivalent of SOPA crept up on us. With a special provision on libel:
        I guess I should stop blogging about Philippine-related matters and focus on kdrama laws. Haha

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