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My Inner Voice Is Sarcastic?

First, take a look at this picture:

shoe odors away! right

“Shoe odors away!” (shoe insert)

If you’re evil like me, you will probably read it as: “Shoe odors away! (yeah) RIGHT.”

In my defense, (1) Grandma ordered me to unpack an unmarked box, (2) I didn’t know what shoe inserts were, and (3) apparently, the LEFT insert was missing.

It’s just amusing to know that in the absence of context clues, I can count on my subconscious to fill-in the blanks. Sarcastically. Instead of, y’know, reading things with an open state of mind.

What about you? Is your inner voice as awesome as mine? Did you read the label correctly and are you happy about how unbiased (and boring) your inner voice is?


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  1. Rache on September 22, 2013

    read this as “raaayttt…”. haha. guess i’m just as evil 😛

    • Mary on December 12, 2013

      I am proud of the evility of my friends!

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