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5 Reasons Not To Get A Cat

(From experience)

  1. They will boss you around. You don’t own cats. Cats own you.
  2. They will attack and destroy any hanging piece of fabric: curtain, tablecloth, shirtsleeves, etc; along with your home’s sense of peace. One thread of sanity at a time.
  3. They will pounce on your legs or any vulnerable part of your body when you’re doing something precarious. Like balancing a cup of hot coffee or flipping porkchops in hot oil.
  4. They will scratch you and bite you during “play time”. Naturally, the wounds will require rabies and tetanus shots.
  5. Lastly (and this needs a separate entry for itself), the tetanus shots… are administered via your butt cheeks.

If you still want to get a cat, just remember to wear something nice to the E.R. (You’ve been warned.)


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    • Mary on December 12, 2013

      That video should be called: “Cat Says Piffles To Violent Robot”

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