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Who Loses In DepEd’s New Curriculum?

The grade 1 and 2 students?

Why? Because they will be “losing out” on how much fun science is?

This is how science was taught in my school:

The teacher tapes sheets of manila papers full of terms and definitions to the board.
The students scramble for their pencils and start a mad race to see who can finish … Read full post →

Tao rin pala si Titser Rosa*

Takot ako kay Titser Rosa.

Isa siyang matangkad, morena, at kilalang mataray na English teacher nung elementary ako. Hindi ko pa siya nakikita, alam ko nang terror siya dahil sa mga kwento ng ate at kuya kong nagdaan sa mga malulupit na English lesson niya. Isa siya sa mga titser na unang kita pa lang ay … Read full post →

Preenlistment at Pag-ibig (Archived)

(Author’s note: this is a guide I wrote for UP Diliman students on how to use one of CRS’s registration modules. I’m back-posting it here for public access (public heckling?) The original version can be found in the files section of the UPD CRS Official Page on Facebook, among other useful announcements.)

WARNING: This is a … Read full post →

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