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How Much Does An Okay Cost?

When you want to rage at the world and scream at the injustice and tell someone how much it hurts and how cheated you feel. You want to ask them Why did you do that to me? What have I ever done to you? Why me?

But you can’t find words to express it and you … Read full post →

Guest Blogging, Kdramas, And The Great Gatsby

(Something nice happened to me on my birthday last week and I felt like sharing it somewhere. Since I didn’t want to disturb people on Facebook who are waiting for vital news about the lives of their families, how about I share my news here?)

OMG OMG OMG OMG I was invited to be a guest blogger … Read full post →

Tao rin pala si Titser Rosa*

Takot ako kay Titser Rosa.

Isa siyang matangkad, morena, at kilalang mataray na English teacher nung elementary ako. Hindi ko pa siya nakikita, alam ko nang terror siya dahil sa mga kwento ng ate at kuya kong nagdaan sa mga malulupit na English lesson niya. Isa siya sa mga titser na unang kita pa lang ay … Read full post →

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