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The Cockpit - Oughtapilot: Controls for life
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Food Sonar

Scan nearby locations and look for free food.


Captain's log

Last encounter with consumables at cafeteria bacon and rice

Last food sonar scan . Scan results shown below.

3 food sources found

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Bladder and drinking settings

Select a type of drink or check bladder status.


Captain's log

Last drank water .

Alcoholic drinks locked as ordered by mom.

Bladder status: 90% full

Drink choices

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Social Networking

Customize high-five slapping strength depending on recipient.


Captain's log

Last high-fived by: Bianca .

Previous and pending high-five records show your approval rating is sorely lacking.

Pending high-five requests

Adjust strength level

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Sleep controls

Adjust snore volume and sleep cycle.


Captain's log

Last slept .

Remaining energy: 20%

Set sleep cycle

Snore volume (dB = decibels)

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Heartrate monitor

Monitor heartrate and suggest first-aid at critical levels.


Heartrate status

Current heartrate is dangerously high at 120 BPM. Select relaxing activity below.

Lower your heartrate