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About Mary Macapagal

A message from Mary Macapagal

Dear Carsonified Team,

Thanks for your interest in my application. I hope you had as much fun playing around with Oughtapilot as I had making it. This was an awesome challenge. I must confess I spent more time thinking of the hilarious possibilities of the app rather than actually getting up to code and implement it. (I just wish I had the time to add the "Importing life controls from your mother..." loading screen.)

You might have gotten prettier apps and have already chosen a designer at this point and hey, it's all cool. But if you have a couple more minutes, I'd like to give you a strange proposition:

I want to apply as an off-site intern.

Crazy, right? But hear me out:

I've worked for more than three years as part of my university's information system dev team. In those three years I've learned a lot of things designers take for granted.

Things that you won't see in a designer's CV:

Looking for my Jedi Master

What I didn't learn and haven't found a good place to learn from so far, is working with a team that lives and breathes design and user experience and all that cutting-edge rockstar stuff. There isn't much time to think about border-radius and transitions and what the cool-kids are up to when you've got 20,000+ users sending 100+ emails a day all while you're managing a team of developers AND finishing a college degree.

But right when I finished college and started to think that freelancing and Painful Mistakes were the only ways to learn a design-centric process, you came, you posted an off-site job opening, and you gave me hope. If you take off-site designers, then you just might take an off-site intern as well!

I'm sorry for hi-jacking your job listing. Interns do stupid stuff like that.

As well as sending you my design entry in the guise of a subscription email to a real app. Or pretending to have breakthroughs in weather control. (Shaman Kim is not a real person. Sorry about that too.) If I'm really wrong, feel free to correct me. (As an intern of course)

Did I tell you what interns are good for?

"Hem. Haw. We're not sure..."

If you're still not sure about taking me in, why not send me another challenge? Take me for a test run from November to January (which is when you're aiming for the new Carsonified designer to start). Or just put me on your Designer Sonar for people to keep tabs on.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and working on that weather control. Just in case. Feel free to contact me if you have other questions.

Mary Macapagal

PS I'd really like to know if you laughed at Oughtapilot. So send me an email at least if it made you smile.

About oughtapilot

I made Oughtapilot for the designer challenge at Carsonified.

Obviously, it's not a real app, although I would have loved that snore volume control to use on others.

Technologies used

Oughtapilot was made with help from the following people/technologies:

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