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Mary Questions Zombie Reproduction

I was writing a zombie-related post today and started thinking about the definition of life.

In biology class, anything which can [1] grow and [2] create more individuals of the same species (i.e. reproduce) are considered alive. Focusing on [2], if zombies bite people to create more zombies, is biting = zombie reproduction?

And if a zombie bites an unwilling human, does it count as rape?

Plus if a zombie can bite both male and female humans and still end up with a new zombie, does this make zombies hermaphrodites?

Then if a girl is up at 3AM on a Monday reading a book where zombies bite people, does that count as reading corn?

Disturbing thoughts, Dear Reader. Disturbing thoughts.


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  1. Levi on July 2, 2012

    I’d say it’s the virus/parasite that causes the zombification is the one that’s alive. The virus reproduces and shit, but the zombie itself is just a host. Also, zombies can’t grow, afaik.

    • mary on July 2, 2012

      I wasn’t sure zombies were alive. But I was curious how they satisfy #2 of the requirements for live organisms (if at all).

      I also considered the virus angle but not all zombie stories use the virus theory. It’s a good excuse though and it solves the corn question nicely so thanks for bringing that up.

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