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Wanted: A Pair

Y’all know what pair I’m talking about so let’s not go into specifics.

Today, I sat at my Evil Blogger’s Chair and decided that a fake news article about Samsung hiring Sotto and/or Villacorta for its patent war with Apple would be all sorts of giggly fun.

As each sentence made the news funnier (ergo, more evil and slightly untrue) I got worried-er. Soon, I started looking up Philippine Laws on libel, defamation, satire, publication, parodies, etc.

Three hours + a Biogesic later, I still have no idea what’s allowed or not. What’s legal or not. What’s fair game or not. What the legislators were smoking when they made those laws.

All I know is it takes a pair to post a potentially viral fake news like that.

And since you’re reading this crappy story about The Ballsy Post That Cannot Be, the conclusion is: I need a pair. I need it if I’m going to be serious about not being serious in this blog.

Maybe I should’ve joined the testicle betting event hosted by PAGCOR last year and put my (male relatives’) balls either on GMA not escaping or not returning to power. If I lose, the Macapagals will be back in power. If I win, more balls!

(Update: looks like the Inquirer had a couple of extra pairs lying around because they can write fake jokey news about Senators. I’m having major ball-envy right now…)


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  1. Rystraum Gamonez on September 7, 2012

    Well, as Sotto said: “Blogger lang naman yan eh!”

    So, don’t worry so much about the legalities of it all. Stick a disclaimer at the bottom: “This post is fictional / satirical and you’re stupid if you don’t get it” in 6pt font and get along with it. If you plan to make the whole site a not-so-serious site, stick it in your about page.

    PS. tabindex in the comments is wonky. It goes Name > Email > Header. 😛 You didn’t define a tabindex for Website and Comment.

  2. Rystraum Gamonez on September 7, 2012

    PS. Your RSS feed is broken too. 🙁

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