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9 Things Filipinos Should Do In Their Twenties (According To My Relatives And Neighbors)

Thought Catalog is wrong. Your 20s aren’t for “finding yourself” and “trying new things”. It’s not for backpacking across Europe, surviving massive hangovers, or dancing with strangers. Not if my neighbors and relatives have anything to say about the matter. And boy, do they have A LOT to say about it.

In fact, here, have a … Read full post →

Guest Blogging, Kdramas, And The Great Gatsby

(Something nice happened to me on my birthday last week and I felt like sharing it somewhere. Since I didn’t want to disturb people on Facebook who are waiting for vital news about the lives of their families, how about I share my news here?)

OMG OMG OMG OMG I was invited to be a guest blogger … Read full post →

5 Reasons Not To Get A Cat

(From experience)

They will boss you around. You don’t own cats. Cats own you.
They will attack and destroy any hanging piece of fabric: curtain, tablecloth, shirtsleeves, etc; along with your home’s sense of peace. One thread of sanity at a time.
They will pounce on your legs or any vulnerable part of your body when you’re doing … Read full post →

Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep. I’m too anxious and I have to tell someone. Even an imaginary, pink-skinned, WordPress blog-one.

Tomorrow will be my 4th trip out of the house since May. And it’s to a place I’ve never been to.*

Wish me luck?

*It’s less than 20km away. But 4km trips are already a challenge for me, so…

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