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What to do about programmers who don’t read code?

Please suggest a fitting punishment.

And while you’re embracing your inner Sith, allow me to wake your bloodlust by exaggerating how these people are slowly taking over the planet.

Why programmers who don’t read code are bad for your health

Programmers who are too lazy to read others’ code won’t come to learn the difference between good and … Read full post →

Wherein Mary Bashes Blog, Sets Challenge, and Warns About Possible Death

Since school started last month, Operation: Torture Calee has been on autopilot. (Good job, Professors! Carry on.) This gives me more time to work on the more important things in life. The ones that make my life difficult. For example, right now I will do the following in less than 200 words:

Make fun of this … Read full post →

Mary Macapagal…? Present!

Hello everyone, just checking in from my two week, self-imposed code-athon. Some random thoughts that escaped Mary’s vow of brevity for now:

Food consumption at the Mary Headquarters is at an all-time low. Only at 30% for normal, healthy humans. (Dieting tip: if you ignore hunger, it will go away.) I bet I could win The … Read full post →

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