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UP Professor Insults Mary, Gets Favorable Results

In the interest of full disclosure, her name is Maria Celeste Coscolluela and this is what she said (in front of the whole class):

You’re from… (looks at my record) Engineering? Are you doing well there, hija? (skeptical)

Doubts regarding my engineering skills aside, this is the highlight of my 3rd year in college: a backhanded compliment … Read full post →

Why Zombies Aren’t Scary

Everytime I profess my undying love for zombies, I hear one of two things:

(1) The sound of no one caring, or

(2) OMG!!! Zombies!!! Aren’t you scared at all?

Well, no. Actually, zombies are 2nd in the List of Supposedly Scary But Non-threatening Things. (Right next to North Korea’s purported nuclear prowess.)

Here’s why … Read full post →

Wherein Mary Bashes Blog, Sets Challenge, and Warns About Possible Death

Since school started last month, Operation: Torture Calee has been on autopilot. (Good job, Professors! Carry on.) This gives me more time to work on the more important things in life. The ones that make my life difficult. For example, right now I will do the following in less than 200 words:

Make fun of this … Read full post →

Mary Corrects Grammar, Gets $200 Donated to EFF

Last year I was doing my usual creepy thing: reading blogs and emailing random site owners whenever I see a typo/factual/any error in their website. It’s such a weird habit with no chance of return (no one ever replies or corrects the errors) that I don’t remember any of the people I pestered. Except for … Read full post →

5 Reasons Mary Will Not Pass The Board Exam

[I found this buried in the archives section, written before the board exam but never published. Until now. #6 was added today in light of “recent” events.]

Her idea of “research the definition of annual worth” involves 2 minutes of searching for annual worth and 10 minutes of opening firebug to check the resulting website’s … Read full post →

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