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Finding The Perfect (Blue) Flame

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
Research Triangle Park
North Carolina, USA

Dear Kind Sirs and/or Madams:

I would like to bring to your attention the proliferation of fake Bunsen burners in the Philippines.

The fake burners look and feel like the real ones except for one important detail: turning the gas valve/regulator on these things causes the flame … Read full post →

forgot to tag this post on August 6, 2012.

A Letter To The Elusive

Dear Sleep,

You win. I give up trying to catch you. Is that what you want?

Why can’t you be reasonable? You only like me when I’m holding a Calculus textbook or subjecting myself to Jane Austen’s periodophobic novels.

I’m tired of tiring myself out.

Go ahead. Hang out in lecture halls, torment cramming college students, or do whatever … Read full post →

The Board Exam Score

Dear Board Exam,

I know you’ve been raring to face-off with me but the truth is, you’re just no match for my good karma. And in case you’re counting, here’s the score so far:

Mary: 2, Board exam: 0

I would also like to share this beautiful passage from a famous book:

“If something happens once, it will never … Read full post →

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