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A Lesson in Brevity

Today, I was reminded that people hate reading wordy stuff online. If you love brief posts too, here’s one for you:

a brief image

This describes my immaturity better than a thousand words. Hooray for brevity!

You can read a better lesson on brevity here. (Sadly, there is no mention of underwear in that article.)

Did you like my brief post? Can you make it even more brief? Try to defeat me with a wittier comment below.


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  1. kim ivana guzman on March 11, 2012

    i want it short. not brief. (talagang nagiisip ako ng ihihirit, siyet)

    • mary on March 11, 2012

      Short lang?! Conservative ka te? 😀

      • kim ivana guzman on March 11, 2012

        boxer shorts then. presko.:)))

        • mary on March 11, 2012

          Kailangan ng like button dito. Haha

  2. kim ivana guzman on March 12, 2012

    hahahahaha baliw!

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