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Hello everyone, just checking in from my two week, self-imposed code-athon. Some random thoughts that escaped Mary’s vow of brevity for now:

  • Food consumption at the Mary Headquarters is at an all-time low. Only at 30% for normal, healthy humans. (Dieting tip: if you ignore hunger, it will go away.) I bet I could win The Hunger Games. Except our neighborhood baker is my childhood enemy.
  • Bio clock is running on thesis mode, sans thesis. Routine is as follows: sleep at 3am, wake up at 8, zombie-shuffle to laptop (like this but with as much grace as implementation of web standards in IE6).
  • As of last count, 4 designs have been discarded in the middle of coding. Inner critique: 4, Mary: 0. Why do most ideas sound so cool during inception, but look horrible in retrospect?

Random blind item

Guess who should have been back from Qatar a week ago but went to Singapore instead. Then guess which kid shall leverage knowledge of Secret Singapore Trip for a bigger slice of the pie. Or chocolate.

Clue #1: My DOST scholarship does not allow me to leave the country.
Clue #2: I am the nicer sister.
Clue #3: This post is tagged with lies.

Bye for now! I’m off to see if my Ate got me that pet camel I wanted or if I have to make pointed questions about That Cute. Lion. Keychain. over dinner tonight.


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