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About You

Did you just misread the title?

No. This page is really about you. Because if you’re reading this right now, chances are the following statements apply to you:

You believe that blogs are for reading. Not for being harassed by ads with ADHD.

You’re in front of the computer 4 hours a day, possibly more. You’re easily bored and every 30 minutes or so, you’re hit by an urge to open a new tab and read something short and funny.

You know how to appreciate a good joke and take everything with a grain of salt. For instance, you don’t really think you can write a college textbook this way.

You’re cool because you like puns. The more horrible, the better.

You like this blog and you’re only reading this page because there isn’t anything new left to read on this site.

Everything on this site was crafted with you in mind. Read: you’re the person I think about when I write stories, kill mice, and draw underwear.

You’re coming to the realization that the last statement was 1% sweet and 99% creepy.

You don’t really mind.


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