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Philippine Approximetric System

A quick guide to measuring distances and time (the Filipino way).


defn. Next week.
usage Bukas ko na sisimulan yung reaction paper ko. (I will start working on my reaction paper next week.)

Isang sakay lang

defn. At least 5km ride followed by 1-2 units of malapit na lang; does not apply to people with private vehicles.
usage Isang sakay lang ang UP to Ateneo. (Ride a Katipunan jeep and walk for another 30 minutes.)

Malapit na lang

defn. Bring some water and prepare to walk 30 minutes in sweltering heat and/or heavy rains.
usage Malapit na lang ang UP Gym sa Math Building. (You can walk from the gym to the math building if you skip lunch.)


defn. Tomorrow.
usage Mamaya ko na i-se-send yung report contribution ko. (I will send my report contribution just before the presentation tomorrow.)


defn. 9 1/2 asses.
usage Unting usog lang para makaalis na, sampuan yan. (Make way for the half-ass.)


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  1. Adzz on July 27, 2012

    Hahaha. XD charot. More of this.

    • Mary on July 31, 2012

      Marami pa ako! Kaso corny daw sabi ni Calee, kaya tinanggal ko na yung iba. Haha

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