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How It Really Feels To Be God…

I used to hate people who joke that CRS developers are like gods… until I looked at the facts and realized that they’re absolutely right. This must be how it feels to be God. Resigned.

When you have thousands of people depending on you. Each of them expecting you to conform to their idea of good vs evil. Each of them demanding that their prayers be answered. Never mind that it’s impossible when their interests are conflicting. You just have to accept the fact that it will always be your fault for not being able to feed 5,000 graduating students with just 5 sections of PI 100.

This must be how it feels to be God. Pissed off.

When you’ve tried your best to point people in the right direction by releasing memos, posting announcements, and even hardcoding instructions inside modules… only to have people ignore your word and turn to friends for advice instead. Friends who don’t know what they’re talking about either and just got second-hand advice from another friend. At least all misinterpretations within the CRS world are honest mistakes. Unlike God and the different religions. Can you imagine God having this conversation over the phone?

“No, I did not send that typhoon to punish your RH Bill-advocating country. Mm-hm. Mmm-hmm. Yes, I know it’s quite a popular belief but just because you have a lot of people believing the same thing doesn’t make it right… it came from a person of authority? Who… HE SAID THAT?! Huh. No, their reference is outdated. Thank you for bringing this up… I’ll try to contact them to make sure that they’ve read my clarifications on protecting life. Hopefully, they will update their process before anyone else becomes inconvenienced by this. Mm-hmm. Okay. Thank you for understanding. Goodbye.”

This must be how it feels to be God. Confused.

When you’ve put up signs for people to contact you, email you, drop by your office… similar to how God almost begs us to talk to Him and pray. Only to have people ignore the invitation to ask for guidance and choose hell (aka blundering through UP’s registration process uninformed) instead.

This must be how it feels to be God. Helpless.

When people do bad things to other people. Like Marcos declaring Martial Law. Or an office mass tagging students as ineligible. And when people hate you because they think that you should’ve somehow rigged the process, stole Marcos’s free will or disabled all department accounts. Never mind that each account, just like each person, has the capacity to do good AND evil. And as a CRS god, you can only add safeguards and universal rules. The rest is up to the people.

This must be how it feels to be God. Frustrated.

When people make mistakes and expect you to be able to read their minds and prevent it from happening. Like when a student cancels a class and even clicks “Are you sure you want to cancel? This action cannot be undone” but somehow expects you to have known they didn’t really mean to cancel it.

If this is how it feels to be God, then yes. CRS developers are like gods.

Although we’re not quite there yet. Because unlike God, we make a lot of mistakes and we’re not immune to hate. And I doubt that God comes home and curls up in His room a couple of times a week to cry His eyes out at the stupid things people do and the apparent hopelessness of mankind. At least, I hope He doesn’t.

Because that would be behavior unfit for a God, no?


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