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How It Really Feels To Be God…

I used to hate people who joke that CRS developers are like gods… until I looked at the facts and realized that they’re absolutely right. This must be how it feels to be God. Resigned.

When you have thousands of people depending on you. Each of them expecting you to conform to their idea of good … Read full post →

Vote for a CRS Programmer

If you have the chance, vote for a CRS Programmer.

At first glance, he is not an obvious choice because he is quiet and shy and his hygiene is questionable; there is nothing charming about him. He cannot beat other candidates in a public debate because his communication skills are a bit lacking. He cannot lure … Read full post →

Preenlistment at Pag-ibig (Archived)

(Author’s note: this is a guide I wrote for UP Diliman students on how to use one of CRS’s registration modules. I’m back-posting it here for public access (public heckling?) The original version can be found in the files section of the UPD CRS Official Page on Facebook, among other useful announcements.)

WARNING: This is a … Read full post →

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