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Catching Lightning

How to take photographs of lightning (using a cheap camera)

  1. Find a good spot.
  2. Point your camera in the general direction of lightning.
  3. Frantically press the shutter button every second (may vary depending on your cheap camera’s shutter speed).
  4. (Optional) If you are religious, pray for lightning and luck.
  5. Ignore the mosquitoes.
  6. Repeat 327 times or until you get this:

    Lightning behind clouds

  7. Lower your standards and accept that you’ll never get a shot better than that.

The photo above is part of my quest to take 10,000 photographs and ruin my cheap camera learn a little about cameras, lighting, and everything that goes into taking photos. If you know of ways to improve those shots**, please share it below!

**Except “Buy a better camera/accessory.”


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  1. JC on July 8, 2013

    That’s Physics book cover material right there.

    • Mary on July 9, 2013

      Thanks! 😛

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