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Guest Blogging, Kdramas, And The Great Gatsby

(Something nice happened to me on my birthday last week and I felt like sharing it somewhere. Since I didn’t want to disturb people on Facebook who are waiting for vital news about the lives of their families, how about I share my news here?)

OMG OMG OMG OMG I was invited to be a guest blogger at Drama Fever for Episodes 9-10 of The Heirs: He Who Wears The Crown, Bears The Weight (aka The Drama With The Weirdest Title Ever).

Go here and read my recap.

Sorry if it doesn’t make sense to anyone who doesn’t watch kdramas. It’s full of animated gifs, squeeing, and irrational sympathizing with a complete jackass of a character just because he’s played by my favorite actor. (Fangirls will understand.)

Lest you think Drama Fever harbors the craziest bloggers on the planet, there *is* a more… rational? English-homework-like? review later this week. It’s a collaborative post where we compare the kdrama with The Great Gatsby (novel). I have to warn you that my Gatsby comments in the upcoming collab post aren’t really of the Pulitzer quality.

I stray off-topic a lot. You can easily notice those parts where my fellow reviewers are desperately trying to coax a more profound opinion from me and I’m just like: Buh… Gatsby? I want bromance! And hugs! *giggles*

Yes, I embarrass myself too. Sometimes.


(But! Woo Bin!)


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  1. Cate on February 14, 2014

    They filmed here in LA. One place was pretty close to where I work but… work got in the way. :\

      • Cate on February 15, 2014

        Eh, I admit I took a break from K-dramas right before this aired. The last dramas that I watched… Good Doctor and The Master’s Sun. Nabalitaan ko lang na andito sina LMH and CJH. Some of my friends saw them film and followed them around.

        LOL Malibu to Hollywood? Running? It takes 2 hours by bus. Unless he ran for like, 10 hours. XD

        • Mary on February 15, 2014

          Aww… sayang ang stalking opportunity!

          • Cate on February 18, 2014

            IKR? I was on my way to one when my friend said that they were already packing up. Tapos when they went to Universal CityWalk, may pasok naman ako. Hays, mali ang timing lol.

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