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Letting supportive users down

One of the tasks I find difficult while doing dev work is dealing with user feedback. Surprisingly, it’s not the abusive or complaining users that I find difficult to handle. It’s the super enthusiastic ones with a lot of “great” suggestions that are too complicated (or shouldn’t be) implemented in actuality.

I don’t know if it’s … Read full post →

forgot to tag this post on January 1, 2018.

After three years

Three years of this blog being stuck in the past puts it in such stark contrast against the present. So what changed between then and now?

(I’ve always felt bad that I work at D______s but can’t write for shit, so I want to try again. Also, I want to associate the WordPress dashboard with creativity … Read full post →

Pag Nanalo Si Binay, Kasalanan Mo

Oo. Ikaw. Lagot ka!

Share ka nang share ng English news sa FB mo. Tapos may kasama pang comment na “This is why Philippines is going to the dogs. The dregs of society selling our future for a kilo of rice.”

Edi waw.

Ikaw na ang smart voter. Ikaw na ang ayaw sa Eat Bulaga at GGV. Ikaw … Read full post →

is write about life on April 23, 2015.

I don’t blame Sevilla

Working at CRS taught me that fixing an unpopular system while fighting off greedy assholes is exhausting. It can kill your spirit. Mine was never strong to begin with.

I try to forget it, but sometimes a story like this hits close to home and I’m reminded of my uselessness. And all I can do is … Read full post →

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