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forgot to tag this post on January 1, 2018.

After three years

Three years of this blog being stuck in the past puts it in such stark contrast against the present. So what changed between then and now?

(I’ve always felt bad that I work at D______s but can’t write for shit, so I want to try again. Also, I want to associate the WordPress dashboard with creativity again and not pure moments of panic.)

Since I was last here:

  1. I got a PS4 but didn’t get much use from it.
    My brother found me a used console for cheap. I didn’t finish Until Dawn. Turns out watching a dozen Let’s Plays makes playing a game boring. Additionally, no one wants to play with me or watch me play. Because (spoiler alert) wendigo.
  2. Binay became the least of our worries.
    No need to explain this.
  3. The good guys won.
    But the bad guys didn’t lose. They’re walking around, free to pull the same shit, so I’m not happy either.
  4. I found a way to merge work and fangirlism.
    It’s hard. Since you love your work, it will consume your life. When work gets tough, you have nothing to escape to. FAIR WARNING if you want to do this. (Or just follow what Chae Young-shin’s dad said about making your 2nd favorite thing your work, and the 1st thing a hobby.)
  5. I realized I was the pioneer of snowflake-ism.
    I know now that nitpicking on people’s sincere efforts doesn’t help anyone and makes you look like a giant dick. But I’ll leave that embarrassing post up so I can file this blog under porn if I want to.
  6. Good satire became extinct.
    Satire stopped being funny. It’s now just a shitty excuse for bigwigs to persecute detractors.

It seems bleak, but all that darkness made me better at coping: learning to say no, leaving toxic environments, watching shitty shows I like, dropping good books I don’t like… here’s to hoping you, Dear Reader, find ways to cope too. Or have such a great year that coping isn’t necessary. Happy New Year!


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