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Pag Nanalo Si Binay, Kasalanan Mo

Oo. Ikaw. Lagot ka!

Share ka nang share ng English news sa FB mo. Tapos may kasama pang comment na “This is why Philippines is going to the dogs. The dregs of society selling our future for a kilo of rice.”

Edi waw.

Ikaw na ang smart voter. Ikaw na ang ayaw sa Eat Bulaga at GGV. Ikaw … Read full post →

Vote for a CRS Programmer

If you have the chance, vote for a CRS Programmer.

At first glance, he is not an obvious choice because he is quiet and shy and his hygiene is questionable; there is nothing charming about him. He cannot beat other candidates in a public debate because his communication skills are a bit lacking. He cannot lure … Read full post →

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