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Date Yourself

Stop looking for A Girl Who Reads or A Boy Who Travels and just date Yourself.

Go out and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable or fabulous or cool. Yourself won’t scoff at your wardrobe choice.

Eat anything you want for dinner. Yourself won’t judge you for that second dessert nor cringe at extra servings of garlic rice.

Pick a movie you like. Watch that cheesy rom-com or plot-less action movie that everyone else hates. Yourself secretly likes it too.

Get to know Yourself because Yourself has excellent taste in books and music. Yourself understands the need to try new things. Like how Twilight is just a phase and Harry Potter is forever.

When you’re bored, ditch Yourself. Go out with friends. Yourself won’t ever get jealous of the time you spend with friends, no matter how wasted you are when you get back after a boys’ or girls’ night out.

Once in a while, buy Yourself nice things. Treat Yourself to an out-of-town trip. The adage To give is to receive will always feel true. Unlike other people, Yourself will always be properly grateful for your time and effort.

Talk to Yourself. About your parents, your grades, your crushes… Yourself will never interrupt a rant to ask stupid questions like: “Wait – who’s Charlie again?” Yourself won’t tire of hearing you bitch about the same things over and over. Yourself can patiently listen until you decide to stop complaining and do something about your problem. At which point Yourself will fully support you too.

Finally, break-up with Yourself.

If you found someone you love more than Yourself, Yourself will understand and let you go… if that’s what makes you happy.

Yourself is perfect that way.

Date Yourself.


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  1. JC on February 13, 2014

    And it’s cheaper and you’ll always arrive at the same time as Yourself. It’s like there’s no downside…

    • Mary on February 13, 2014

      Weh. As if you cared about $$$. 😛

      • JC on February 14, 2014

        I don’t but I do (haha).

        • Mary on February 14, 2014

          Yourself is stingy.

  2. Wilmarc on February 13, 2014

    Hehe. Myself. Hehe. *wink*

  3. Faith on February 20, 2014

    More and more singles should read this… at least those I know.

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