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forgot to tag this post on October 2, 2012.

10 Selfish Blogging Goals You’ll Only See 4 Of

In the fastest case of karma known to mankind, I fell sick right after this pizza post. I’m also banned from all kinds of food now: pizza, kimchi, chocolate, ice cream, MSG&Salt chips, bacon… Yep, all kinds of food.

While wailing at Calee and demanding proper food (none of this apple+crackers bullshit), I was struck with an … Read full post →

5 Reasons Mary Will Not Pass The Board Exam

[I found this buried in the archives section, written before the board exam but never published. Until now. #6 was added today in light of “recent” events.]

Her idea of “research the definition of annual worth” involves 2 minutes of searching for annual worth and 10 minutes of opening firebug to check the resulting website’s … Read full post →

UP Courses Renamed to Appeal to Younger Generation

Math 1: How to Divide 4 Pizzas Between 13 Persons

Chem 1: 9 Greatest Periodic Trends of the Past Century

Eng 12: 11 Literature Classics You Should Definitely Read This Semester

STS: Find 50 True Friends Who Will Complete a Long Survey for You

EnE 31: 15 Everyday Things … Read full post →

Top 5 Lies Reviewees Say When They’re Sick of Studying

Do you know someone who’s preparing for a licensure exam? Do they sound like they got a brain transplant in the few weeks leading up to the exam, saying things they never said in the past?

Well, don’t hold them to it. Reviewing for a board exam is so stressful, people end up saying things they … Read full post →

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