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The Perfect History Lesson

“Okay, class. Who is Emilio Aguinaldo? … Yes, Mary?”

“Emilio Aguinaldo is a traitor who sold our country to the Americans.” I proudly recited to a room full of shocked first graders.

Needless to say, my teacher didn’t like this turn of events in her Let’s Talk About History and Patriotism! lesson.

“What did you say, Mary?” she … Read full post →

Tao rin pala si Titser Rosa*

Takot ako kay Titser Rosa.

Isa siyang matangkad, morena, at kilalang mataray na English teacher nung elementary ako. Hindi ko pa siya nakikita, alam ko nang terror siya dahil sa mga kwento ng ate at kuya kong nagdaan sa mga malulupit na English lesson niya. Isa siya sa mga titser na unang kita pa lang ay … Read full post →

UP Professor Insults Mary, Gets Favorable Results

In the interest of full disclosure, her name is Maria Celeste Coscolluela and this is what she said (in front of the whole class):

You’re from… (looks at my record) Engineering? Are you doing well there, hija? (skeptical)

Doubts regarding my engineering skills aside, this is the highlight of my 3rd year in college: a backhanded compliment … Read full post →

How Mary Accidentally Made A Lot of Friends

(This happened back in the 1990s when some parents in our neighborhood took offense at my ungodly behavior and declared me excommunicado to save their children’s souls.)

I used to go to a Catholic school which had rules for everything. For example, we weren’t allowed to run in the corridors, eat junk food, and say bad words. … Read full post →

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