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Stop making excuses

Either you firmly believe that what you’re doing right now will help you achieve your dreams or you think that it won’t.

If it’s the former, then you’re doing your dream a disservice by not giving your best effort.

If it’s the latter, then why are you still doing it?

How It Really Feels To Be God…

I used to hate people who joke that CRS developers are like gods… until I looked at the facts and realized that they’re absolutely right. This must be how it feels to be God. Resigned.

When you have thousands of people depending on you. Each of them expecting you to conform to their idea of good … Read full post →

Why I Hate Poetry

I hate poetry because I think to write it, you need at least two drinks. And when you read it and try to blink you’ll lose your trail of thought and that stinks!

I’d rather use math for calculating trains and bullets and balls colliding versus counting syllables, hoping they match iambic penta-something.

I never did get … Read full post →

Why Zombies Aren’t Scary

Everytime I profess my undying love for zombies, I hear one of two things:

(1) The sound of no one caring, or

(2) OMG!!! Zombies!!! Aren’t you scared at all?

Well, no. Actually, zombies are 2nd in the List of Supposedly Scary But Non-threatening Things. (Right next to North Korea’s purported nuclear prowess.)

Here’s why … Read full post →

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