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9 Things Filipinos Should Do In Their Twenties (According To My Relatives And Neighbors)

Thought Catalog is wrong. Your 20s aren’t for “finding yourself” and “trying new things”. It’s not for backpacking across Europe, surviving massive hangovers, or dancing with strangers. Not if my neighbors and relatives have anything to say about the matter. And boy, do they have A LOT to say about it.

In fact, here, have a … Read full post →

Who Loses In DepEd’s New Curriculum?

The grade 1 and 2 students?

Why? Because they will be “losing out” on how much fun science is?

This is how science was taught in my school:

The teacher tapes sheets of manila papers full of terms and definitions to the board.
The students scramble for their pencils and start a mad race to see who can finish … Read full post →

Wanted: A Pair

Y’all know what pair I’m talking about so let’s not go into specifics.

Today, I sat at my Evil Blogger’s Chair and decided that a fake news article about Samsung hiring Sotto and/or Villacorta for its patent war with Apple would be all sorts of giggly fun.

As each sentence made the news funnier (ergo, more evil … Read full post →

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