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What To Do If Your Elders Think You’re A Failure

First, stop caring about what they think.


What a joke, right?

If you’re from a traditional Filipino family, you’ve been raised to defer to your elders. Ignoring their opinions isn’t something you can easily do.

[Author’s note: this article is for young adult Filipinos who are being tormented by their relatives and neighbors for failing to comply with … Read full post →

9 Things Filipinos Should Do In Their Twenties (According To My Relatives And Neighbors)

Thought Catalog is wrong. Your 20s aren’t for “finding yourself” and “trying new things”. It’s not for backpacking across Europe, surviving massive hangovers, or dancing with strangers. Not if my neighbors and relatives have anything to say about the matter. And boy, do they have A LOT to say about it.

In fact, here, have a … Read full post →

15 People Who Saved Me In 2012

One of the perks of having a blog is you can make lists of people you know and rank them special, Time magazine style. So in lieu of recapping my 2012 (in a nutshell: it was horrible) I want to use my first 2013 post to thank the people who helped me survive 2012 instead.

#1 … Read full post →

Mary Macapagal…? Present!

Hello everyone, just checking in from my two week, self-imposed code-athon. Some random thoughts that escaped Mary’s vow of brevity for now:

Food consumption at the Mary Headquarters is at an all-time low. Only at 30% for normal, healthy humans. (Dieting tip: if you ignore hunger, it will go away.) I bet I could win The … Read full post →

5 Sacrifices I Learned to Make For My Younger Sister

We older siblings are expected to take care of the younger ones (bunso): give them our toys, share our favorite food, get a job and send them to school. It’s a rule that fosters hate and resentment. This is why the media portrays older siblings as angry, dissatisfied bitches who can’t stand the sight of … Read full post →

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