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Yes, this is Mary

I’d like to drop in and say “Hello, world”.

Yes, indeed, this is Mary Macapagal. The crazy-ex-programmer who wrote that gay CRS preenlistment guide. The same Mary who is obsessed with well-written zombie fiction and korean dramas (which, ironically enough, appeal to me because they have less drama than our local ones).

I am also the Mary who tried to hi-jack Carsonified’s designer opening to get an internship with them. Sadly, I might have come across as an over-eager beaver. But I have a talent for laughing at myself, so I don’t mind people poking around my entry here.

I am currently finishing some unfinished business.

Namely, getting that shiny new Chemical Engineer’s License. The licensure exam is on April 2012 (wish me luck!) so I’m a full-time reviewee trying-to-reviewee until then.

I’m trying REALLY REALLY HARD (like, my darnedest best) not to involve myself with any web projects before April because I want to get this license in one shot and give my Asian family their first engineer for this generation (at least, on paper). Only then can I enjoy web designing, building things that people will love, stocking canned goods for the zombie apocalypse, and sobbing like an idiot while marathoning kdramas.

Let me warn you though, sometimes my self-control slips. So don’t come blaming me if you find a certain “mary” commenting on web design blogs, or spazzing on dramabeans, and arguing about the idiocy of people who hide zombified relatives in the basement.

I’ll be the first to kick myself when I fail this April, but until then – only my mom is allowed to nag, okay? For everyone else: we’ll blame the bridge when we get there.


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    • mary on February 28, 2012

      Meron ka rin kaya! 🙂

    • mary on February 28, 2012

      Ng blog? Default theme lang gamit ko. I can’t study wp-theming yet but it’s on top of my list.

      If you meant the Carsonified entry, yes. I’m not sure I should be proud of that, but yes that is mary-made. 🙂

  1. pat on March 11, 2012

    hello miri! i love it here *burrows*

    • mary on March 11, 2012

      You’re really really here?! I’ll talk about zombies soon. 😀

      (And analyze in detail why bloggers have lower passing rates in board exams.)

  2. dead link: wala na yung preenlistment at pag-ibig. i thought tumblr would have the full version, but no dice. re-upload? it sounds like a winner.

    p.s. i bloghopped from your kdrama laws blog. you write very well. you should write more! 🙂

    • mary on July 6, 2012

      🙁 That’s my friend’s site (which seems to be down right now).
      Okay, I moved my lazy ass and back-posted the guide here. Thanks for informing me about the link and thanks for the kind words. You just said that so I’d update with the QIHM violation post, right? 😀

      • “You just said that so I’d update with the QIHM violation post, right?”

        Alams na. I love your new post too, no complains from me. hehehe. :)) I saw the back-posted guide and tweeted it. i didn’t go to upd, but i can relate. hahaha. teka, were you the one who wrote a similar guide in tagalog: nagtataka ka ba kung bakit ka pa single? i came across it in 2006. winner din.

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