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UP Professor Insults Mary, Gets Favorable Results

In the interest of full disclosure, her name is Maria Celeste Coscolluela and this is what she said (in front of the whole class):

You’re from… (looks at my record) Engineering? Are you doing well there, hija? (skeptical)

Doubts regarding my engineering skills aside, this is the highlight of my 3rd year in college: a backhanded compliment from an award-winning writer. She was trying to say (creatively, I think) that just in case I’m not as successful in my engineering classes, I should shift to Creative Writing instead.

And you know what? A couple of years ago, I would have. I’d file that application and shift so quick, Corona’s impeachment in the lower house will be nothing compared to my red tape-cutting powers.

Unfortunately, my high school teacher already used a similar trick to get me to enroll in chemical engineering… and look where that got me. So, shifting again? No dice.

Still, I shall treasure this insult until the day I die. And I promise to keep writing to entertain people. Even if, sometimes, I have to insult them to do it.


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  1. ruth on July 27, 2012

    She was my professor too in CW10 😀

    • Mary on July 31, 2012

      Si Sir David, Badong, Ayen din. Hehe na-miss ko naman si Ma’am Cel. 😀

  2. Erica on February 21, 2014

    This comment is late but you’re hilarious and I love your writing! Plus Coscolluela was my prof in 3rd year too 2 years ago. Were we classmates??

    • Mary on March 2, 2014

      Hi Erica! Thank you for your comment. 🙂 This was an old story though. I think I took CW10 in 2009 or 2010…

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