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5 Reasons Not To Get A Cat

(From experience)

They will boss you around. You don’t own cats. Cats own you.
They will attack and destroy any hanging piece of fabric: curtain, tablecloth, shirtsleeves, etc; along with your home’s sense of peace. One thread of sanity at a time.
They will pounce on your legs or any vulnerable part of your body when you’re doing … Read full post →

Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep. I’m too anxious and I have to tell someone. Even an imaginary, pink-skinned, WordPress blog-one.

Tomorrow will be my 4th trip out of the house since May. And it’s to a place I’ve never been to.*

Wish me luck?

*It’s less than 20km away. But 4km trips are already a challenge for me, so…

I’m back! … Read full post →

Mary Questions Zombie Reproduction

I was writing a zombie-related post today and started thinking about the definition of life.

In biology class, anything which can [1] grow and [2] create more individuals of the same species (i.e. reproduce) are considered alive. Focusing on [2], if zombies bite people to create more zombies, is biting = zombie reproduction?

And if a zombie … Read full post →

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